9 good resolutions to make for your next trip

It is again possible to travel. However, many of us prefer to wait for the planetary situation to stabilize further. Rather than find the time long and mope, we can instead list the good resolutions to keep for our next trip and get into action now. Here are some ideas for waiting until your next getaway

Learn some expressions in the language of the visited country

Some people are afraid of appearing ridiculous if they speak a foreign language, they have no confidence in themselves, are afraid of their accent or their lack of vocabulary … But when you think about it for a moment, there is no no shame when trying to communicate in the language of the country visited.

This is not a language competition and your interlocutors will certainly not judge your syntax, criticize your accent or the poverty of our vocabulary. The goal is not to be 100% bilingual, but simply to communicate minimally.

So start learning the basic vocabulary of Spanish, English, Portuguese or whatever language you choose depending on the countries that appeal to you the most. You will see, in just a few weeks, you will know a lot about how to communicate with the locals.

“Hello, I would like a cocktail, please”, this type of phrase is learned well!

 expressions in the language of the visited country

Try the local culinary specialties

To travel is obviously to discover new landscapes, it is to meet the inhabitants of the country, it is to live cultural experiences and it is especially to taste the culinary specialties of the country. The richness of a culture is also found on the plate!

It is interesting to leave known areas and to discover local dishes that we do not know in order to try new flavors. Forget the time of a meal your reassuring burger and fries to dare this local dish which makes the reputation of the place in which you are currently. Come on, a little effort …!

Leave your all-inclusive to visit the village

All-inclusives are made in such a way that you don’t necessarily have to go out. Within the confines of the resort , there are indeed restaurants, various and varied activities, souvenir shops … But that is no reason not to leave this cozy nest, especially when you are in different countries. to the rich culture!

Why not get out of your site and meet “real people”. Most of the time, there are villages that can be reached within a quarter of an hour by taxi, where it is pleasant to go for a coffee or a meal.

You will see, it clears the mind to get out of the all-inclusive for a few moments and it feels great!

Inclusive to visit the village

Listen to your desires

Very often, we go too fast when we are on vacation. We want to optimize the time we have, so we concoct a very tight schedule: a Zumba class at 8 a.m., a tennis class at 11 a.m., a quick dinner before continuing with a diving excursion to 2 p.m., a volleyball tournament at 4 p.m., a pool game at 5 p.m., a shower, a dinner, then the evening organized by the resort at 8 p.m. …

While this hectic pace suits some vacationers, for many others, vacation should be the time to take your foot off the gas pedal.

What if you let go of your schedule for a moment? What if you stopped planning your day down to the minute and went into improvisation mode? Listen and follow your whims instead. It’s easy to do on paper, but not that easy to put into practice …!

Take photography lessons

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone capable of taking very good quality photos . But while the overall quality of cameras has increased, that doesn’t mean people know how to take photos better!

Choosing the right angle, the right light, playing with focal lengths or building a harmonious photo are all things that can be learned. If you want to take the learning further, the ideal is to learn to use a reflex type device.

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone

Travel more responsibly

Not all trips have the same impacts. Depending on the means of transport you choose, depending on the hotel, the destination (the number of kilometers traveled by car), the choice of your activities at destination, your impact on the planet and on the local economy will not be the same .

At a time when mass tourism is taking its toll , it can be useful to ask the question of what impact we will have when we make our next trip .

The COVID-19 pandemic is a good time to think about this. Take advantage of this time to learn about eco-responsible options .

girl is traveling by using plane

Get out of your comfort zone

When we are traveling, we can easily stay in our comfort zone. You may be tempted by an activity such as a canyoning, rafting, baptismal parachute trip, a horseback ride or simply a Zumba class, but apprehension can mean that you will find yourself a good excuse not to. not participate in the activity in question.

What if you get over those fears and step out of your comfort zone ? What you find outside of this area is often very interesting. Try to see …

active holiday

Log out

The holidays are a wonderful way to break your routine and switch to a different, less stressful pace of life. For digital junkies who can’t go 5 minutes without looking at their tablet or smartphone, cutting this technological dependence can be a goal to set for when we can travel again.

Watch a landscape and appreciate it rather than wanting to make an Instagram photo of it, leave your cell phone in your room, go from 15 Facebook statuses per day to 2 or 3 …

Respect your budget

What if for once, you stick to your travel budget? The best way to do this is undoubtedly to plan your trip in advance, to set limits for outings, activities and excursions.

If you eat in a fancy restaurant every night without it being budgeted for, you’re going to come back with a pretty hole in your vacation finances.

Anticipate, plan, evaluate, but still think about having fun.