Blockchain, APIs, Widgets: these tools applied to travel make your customers’ journey more fluid

Numerous digital tools are available to professionals in all sectors to facilitate access to the various services and information changing in the sector.

We present here the tools created by Visamundi for travel professionals regarding the digitalization of their customers’ travel formalities. They are the result of an analysis of the needs of our private and professional customers coupled with our digital expertise.

The API developed by Visamundi allows travel professionals to integrate a service layer to their products, simply and with the least amount of programming. Thus, these companies integrate a specialized database with high added value, using two approaches:

● informational: we have an actively updated database on the entry formalities required according to the trips and the typology of the travelers, but also on the formats of the documents and the sanitary constraints specific to the COVID-19.

● transactional: we can also carry out simplified requests for travel formalities, directly integrated into the workflow of professionals in the sector, at all stages of the travelers’ journeys.

Among the information available, here is a non-exhaustive list of functionalities:
✔ Centralization of all information concerning a trip
✔ List of visas for destinations
✔ Required documents for destinations
✔ Possible points of entry
✔ List of mandatory and/or recommended vaccines
✔ Information on different vaccines/diseases and referral to official websites
✔ Multilingual
✔ News about a destination or a country of origin
✔ Geolocation of entry points for a visa
✔ Display of names and IATA codes (when available)
✔ Intelligent search for the best product based on the traveler’s data (Proposal of the visa exactly matching his stay)
✔ For agencies, help with bulk visa editing, visa progress tracking list for each traveler (documents sent, visas paid, received, etc.)
✔ Centralization of travel information for agencies and allow them to offer other products
✔ Statistics on the different stages

This API adapted to their needs is intended for different audiences. The tools can be used in full or in part depending on the needs of each: Travel Agents, Travel Managers, Conciergeries, Travelers, Booking Centers of TO, Airlines, Editors, Travel servicing…