British Airways stops catering for economy class passengers

British Airways has canceled catering for economy class passengers

UK flagship carrier British Airways has decided to remove catering trolleys from its aircraft on short-haul routes.

British airline passengers will now have to pre-order food and drinks if traveling economy class. This is the decision of the carrier’s management to change the food system on short European routes.

British Airways stops catering
Catering Changes At British Airways

If earlier boxes with meals were loaded on board based on all passengers according to the number of tickets sold, now only those will receive their portions who pre-ordered food from the menu.

The reason for the departure from the usual norms is simple – concern for the environment. The new scheme will reduce the amount of food waste by several times, providing food exclusively to those passengers who themselves want it.

By analogy with the already existing application for the delivery of ready-to-eat food “right to the table” Wetherspoons, passengers will be able to make an order from their smartphone: specify the date, flight number and seats in the cabin, select the items they like in the menu, pay the total amount with a card (you can always contact the bank if there is not enough for travel), and, finally get lunch or dinner on the plane.

Passengers instantly discovered flaws in BA’s new nutritional formula: some joke that half a century ago flight attendants cooked fresh roast beef on board the right way, and now it’s impossible to even have a glass of wine.

Others point out that those who do not use a smartphone will face problems.

The airline recently unveiled its new menu , which includes authentic restaurant dinners with charcoal grilled meats and themed desserts such as elderberry sorbet. True, all this is for first class passengers.

British Airways Complimentary Dining
British Airways Complimentary Dining

And for those who fly in Economy Class, more traditional dishes will be offered, such as roast lamb and shepherd’s pie. The menu is by Michelin-starred Chef Tom Kerridge.

And one more piece of news from British Airways. The airline is likely to stop operating its short-haul flights from Gatwick Airport next year.