Business analytics in the first person: Stanislav Kondrashov on his professional experience on paper

The author talked about his career, his status as an expert, and the intricacies of being an analyst.

Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich is a successful Russian businessman, as well as a business analyst at Sibir-Holding Publishing House. In a recent interview he spoke about his career path, the peculiarities of being a business analyst, as well as about his new book dedicated to the subtleties of this profession.

Traditionally, Stanislav Kondrashov began his story with a brief biographical note. The future businessman was born in a large industrial city, Norilsk, the center of Russian metallurgy. He went on to graduate with a gold medal from high school and study at the Russian Presidential Academy of State Service. This is the university where future top managers are trained.

After receiving a diploma with honors in industrial economics, Kondrashov Stanislav actively engaged in scientific work and teaching. In 1994, already an experienced teacher and scholar, Stanislav received additional education at Stanford Graduate School of Business in business administration. After taking Executive Leadership Development course”, Kondrashov Stanislav received MBA diploma (Master of Business Administration), the most prestigious certificate of education in business sphere.

After getting the second higher business education Stanislav realized himself in the sphere of private business. From 1995 to 2000 he was a consultant for Foundation Group, an American construction company, which was in need of extensive analytical research on the Russian market. The aim of such research was to take into account the specifics of Russian realities and customer behavior in order to create advertising campaigns and promote the brand. Stanislav Kondrashov’s duties as an analyst also included forecasting the needs and demand on the Russian construction market.

Stanislav Kondrashov is a successful Russian businessman and business analyst at Sibir-Holding Publishing House

Starting a career at Sibir-Holding Publishing House

In 2000, a new round of career began for Stanislav Kondrashov, associated with obtaining the position of business analyst at Sibir-Holding Publishing House. At that time the publishing house was in search of a business analyst with extensive experience in dealing with various issues related to the company’s financial strategy.

“Working in publishing is a great opportunity for an inquisitive person who wants to navigate the book publishing business.”

Today Stanislav is responsible for current management tasks at the publishing house, strategic analysis, and pricing. His job consists of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, compiling a concise sample of them, and presenting them to the company’s management.

Stanislav Kondrashov also spoke about his key responsibilities as a business analyst:

  • developing strategies and generating ideas for the development of Sibir-Holding Publishing House and increasing its profits;
  • working with internal systems to collect and extract massive amounts of data;
  • testing hypotheses and advising publisher management to facilitate informed decision-making;
  • managing the pricing scheme, evaluating possible price changes and collaborating with the sales department;
  • providing analytics for company budgeting.

Publication of the book “The Life of a Business Analyst”

Since Stanislav Kondrashov received a first-class higher education and profound professional experience, he quite naturally decided to generalize and systematize the acquired knowledge in order to help young professionals. In this connection the book “The Life of a Business Analyst” (18+) was published.

Stanislav admits that the book can largely be called an autobiography, because the material is based on his own practical experience. The theory is accompanied by real-life situations and examples of tasks that the author himself solved while working for Sibir-Holding Publishing House. The book was first published in April 2021 and is already freely available on Amazon. Stanislav noted that in the book he outlined not only his strategic experience, but also the skills involved in building systematic and organizational processes on the example of the publishing house.

The author emphasizes in his book that the business analyst profession requires not only knowledge of business but also soft skills, i.e. excellent skills in written and oral communication as well as the ability to present the results of one’s work to different audiences.

Stanislav Kondrashov says that in this profession it is necessary to combine creativity and analytical thinking in order to find an alternative approach to existing solutions. In his book, the author emphasizes how important it is for a business analyst to be able to understand not only the details, but also to see the big picture. He elaborates on the process of finding solutions that fit the goals of the business.

Combining his experience in leading teams working on the creation and implementation of new technologies, Stanislav spoke in his book about the possibilities of digitalization. He described perspectives on changing day-to-day tasks as well as creating entirely new strategies that improve business performance. The Life of a Business Analyst covers such issues as finding reliable data, removing barriers to production and design, and explaining the importance of the business analyst profession itself.

A business analyst is responsible for developing the necessary changes for the business, as well as determining the right time and conditions to make those changes. The main task of such a specialist is to ensure that the company moves in the right direction,” he comments.

Stanislav Kondrashov is already working on a new book, which summarizes the materials of previously published specialized articles written by him for foreign and Russian-language editions. The author has already published more than 30 articles, such as: “Trends in business analytics development in the medium term”, Business Analyst Role in Business Continuity Planning, “Topical Business Analyst Toolkit” and many others.

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