Drake Motor Inn: 5 reasons to visit this dream hotel

The trendy reputation of the hotel Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County in the region Sandbanks is more to do

While it is almost impossible to book a room there in high season (which is normal since the very cool guesthouse-style hotel has only 13 rooms), the hotel group, to whom we also owe the hotels Drake and Drake 150 in Toronto opened the Drake Motor Inn last summer . It is the youngest of the gang, which nicely complements the offer of the Canadian group Drake.

I personally went there and I confirm that the place ensures a great and colorful experience! Here are 5 reasons to choose the Drake Motor Inn on your next trip to Prince Edward County .

Because you can share your room with others

This new hotel, built opposite its big sister the Drake Devonshire, offers access to all the amenities of one without taking anything away from the other. One of the main reasons behind the inauguration of this new hotel was to be able this time to accommodate more than two adults in the same room . Unlike the Drake Devonshire , which only offers double occupancy rooms, the concept of the Motor Inn is more geared towards families and groups of friends who would like to share the same room.

You can therefore book a room with two double beds (for 4) or even a room with two double beds and an extra bed (for 5). It is therefore cheaper for a group. In fact, the Motor Inn was named ” Best New Affordable Hotel of 2020 ” by Condé Nast magazine . It’s not nothing!

This new hotel, built opposite its big sister the Drake Devonshire

Because all rooms have a balcony

The Motor Inn, as its name suggests, was designed around a vintage concept , like a typical highway-side motel where you park your car right in front of your bedroom door. That said, forget your idea of ​​this kind of unsavory establishment: the Motor Inn is the ultimate in cool and nothing boring at all! The design is trendy and the style is retro chic . And by the nature of its construction, all rooms are equipped with a balcony or a small private terrace.

At Drake Devonshire across the street only a few rooms have balconies and these can be booked very quickly. And let’s face it, we all prefer a hotel room with a balcony!

To have access to (almost) everything

By reserving a room at the Motor Inn, you will also have access to the main hotel opposite, Devonshire, and you will be able to enjoy its popular colorful terrace with spectacular views of Lake Wellington as well as its equally inviting common areas. that entertaining.

In addition, the excellent restaurant of the place, known as much for its Sunday brunch as its menu of local bistronomy served in the evening, will also be accessible to you.

But otherwise, the Devonshire site alone is a must-see with its outdoor play and lounging areas, Adirondak chairs, yellow picnic tables, and exclusive lake access. The place is perfect for enjoying the last rays of the sun and for having fun with your family by the water!

To discover local art (and take a picture of yourself!)

If there’s one thing that grabs attention when visiting the country estates of Canadian band Drake (which has no connection to the rapper, let’s be clear), it’s of course the design and the art. . The two buildings impress with their unusual architecture, their brightly colored murals and their impressive collections of works of art that can be found both in the rooms and in the common areas.

On site, you will be able to discover the works of local sculptors, photographers, mural artists and painters, you will be able to take a picture of yourself in the period photobooth or with one of the many original Polaroids offered for the use of customers or, you will be able to have fun with the vending machine 24/7/365, an exclusive of the place which sells exclusively Canadian lifestyle products.

In short, so many reasons to make interesting local discoveries and take your picture everywhere … Because every corner of the Drake hotels is worthy of the coolest Pinterest boards!