EURAM: Go digital!

It’s been exactly more than one year since the travel industry was hit by the health crisis. One year that the codes have changed and that our daily life rhymes with video calls, webinars, video-conferences and social networks.

If there is one conclusion to be drawn from these last 12 months, it is that the world has become digitalized at an incredible speed. A situation, for some, more imposed than chosen. For others, the tipping point where the digitalization project has moved into the pile of urgent files on the desk becoming the top priority in preparing for the “after”.

Beyond the professional sphere…

This necessity has deeply affected our way of life. No matter what generation we were or where we lived, we had to adapt if we wanted to stay in touch with our loved ones. So grandparents “FaceTimed” with their grandchildren to wait for better days, and online happy hours became the latest trendy bar. Students were taught remotely and trade shows and exhibitions were organized virtually.

E-commerce has grown by 10% and the rate of digital equipment has never been so high. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, each French household had at least : 92% a TV, 86% a computer, 49% a tablet and 77% a smartphone. These figures are constantly rising.

82% of French people over the age of 12 spend an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes surfing the Internet, including 1 hour and 51 minutes on a smartphone. (Sources: study conducted by ARCEP & CSA)

The digitalization of households has shaken up habits and generated new expressions that are now an integral part of popular culture. Today, we “zoom”, we “team” and we “stream”. This language has become universal to the point that grandparents speak like Millenials! No doubt they will be in the next edition of the French language dictionary!

On the travel side…

With the arrival of vaccines, we are beginning to see a future for travelers who keep confirming their desire to escape.

Faced with this digitalization that the French have positively welcomed and while the requests are timidly arriving, as a travel professional, what are you going to propose to your clients? A document of twenty A4 sheets as in the past or will you seize the opportunity to create travel proposals and digital roadbooks at the cutting edge of technology? Will you try to take advantage of the positive side of this period and integrate digital into your business? Isn’t asking the question already the answer?