Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 2023

There’s good news for all you Muggles out there: a Making of Harry Potter themed park will open in Tokyo in 2023.

The destination is likely to be a crowd-puller, considering that the Harry Potter franchise continues to appeal to young and old alike. The first film in the series was released 20 years ago.

What to expect

Featuring original costumes and props, the indoor “park” will invite the discovery of scenes from the films. While the interior will reflect the popular series, the exterior will also have a wizarding feel, with landscaping inspired by the mystical creatures from the books and films.

The experience created by Studio Tour Tokyo is described as a guided tour, not a theme park. It will show how the beloved book series was brought to life on screen.

The new 30,000 square foot park will be built on the site of the historic Toshimaen, which closed in August 2020. It will take half a day to walk around it.

Original sets, costumes and props from other iconic films, which have in common that they were designed and built by the creators of the Harry Potter series, will also be presented. The world of Fantastic Beasts comes to mind.

The London version

There is already a Making of Harry Potter tourist attraction in London, and reviews of the place are glowing. The Tokyo park will follow a similar format, with some new and improved features.