Hotel industry: the German group Rudy accelerates its development in China

Ruby Hotels is accelerating its development in China with the joint venture created with the Chinese Betterwood Hotel Group. The opening of several hotels is announced for 2022.

The Munich-based Ruby Group is expanding its presence in Asia.

Ruby Asia Hotels Ltd, the joint venture with China’s Betterwood Hotel Group, has announced new projects in China: in Shanghai Lujiazui but also in Cheng Du, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Haiyan, Wulumuqi, Xining, and Nanjing.

These establishments should open next week, the group said in a statement.

Bill Lin, former CEO of Plateno International, and now vice president of Betterwood Hotel Group, will be in charge of Ruby’s development in Asia.

He says, “With Ruby, we are excited to be one of the first brands in Asia to take off in the affordable luxury segment that caters to China’s fast-growing millennials with hotels that each have their own personality.”