How To Choose And Where To Buy Good Golf Equipment

How to choose and where to buy good golf equipment

Golf equipment is a list of essential items and accessories for the game that will provide comfort on the field. When going to the golf course, it is worth stocking up on essentials, without which the enjoyment of the game can be limited.

There is a list of essentials that you need to have with you during almost every game. Golf has ethics and rules that must never be violated.

First golf set. What to Look for

Golf is an extremely difficult and technical sport, so choosing the right equipment is very important. The comfort of the game and the accuracy of the shots depend on the correct equipment.

Golf club

The main issue when buying the right golf club is realizing that not only athletic performance and success depend on it, but also correct posture and spinal health. Advanced players place great importance on the length of the putter, the material it is made from, and the width of the handle. Many of them even opt for custom made specials.

Newbie hobbyists don’t need to spend a lot of money on profiled golf equipment by choosing one of the high-quality commercially available golf clubs.

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Which golf equipment to choose

Which golf equipment to choose

First of all, your golf equipment must be comfortable. It is worth knowing that clothing on the golf course is one of the elements of etiquette. Jeans, sweatpants, T-shirts or miniskirts are not allowed.

Golf shirt

Many professional golfers opt for a comfortable polo shirt. You can complement your style by opting for a long or short sleeve golf shirt, depending on the weather and your personal preference. It is worth choosing a shirt made of quality fabric. Cotton, rayon or linen will do.

Cap or hat

Golf is a game in direct sunlight or pouring rain. The most avid golfers love to play in almost any weather. They always wear a cap – a baseball cap or a hat to protect their head.


Outerwear may be required depending on weather conditions. On colder days, you can opt for a collared button-down shirt, sweater, vest, windbreaker, or light jacket.

It is best not to wear a sweatshirt, hoodie or denim jacket.

Golf pants or shorts

Not all golf clubs accept shorts. Those who accept additionally require that the shorts have belt loops. It cannot be shorts with an elastic waistband or drawstrings. Cargo shorts will also not work.

Whether you choose shorts or pants, length is important. The pants should be long enough to touch the top of the shoe. If you choose shorts, knee length is better.

Jeans, sweatpants, cargo or pleated trousers, yoga pants, miniskirts and very short shorts are not very welcome on the golf course.


Shoes with plastic, hard rubber inserts or soft spikes are shoes that will definitely come in handy on the golf course. Running shoes can be worn as long as they provide good traction during play. Avoid shoes with metal spikes, they can damage the lawn.


An important accessory. They prevent blistering of the hands that can occur after intense play. Helpful if your hands are perspiring. Allows you to hold your club more securely.