Mozambique: the essentials

Former Portuguese colony, Mozambique has borders with the following countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. It is found on the eastern part of the African continent, where it is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique is not a destination that we necessarily think of, but it is nevertheless a country of tremendous intensity that deserves a detour. Here are his must-haves.

The beaches

Well, going to Africa to spend your time on a page, that may seem strange, it’s true. But firstly, one can only spend a day or two and then go exploring the country, and secondly, it would be wrong to visit Mozambique without enjoying its superb beaches. With 2,500 kilometers of coastline, we have plenty to find our little piece of paradise.

The archipelago of Bazaruto

In the south of the country, there are archipelagos like that of Bazaruto, made up of five beautiful coral islands. You will be facing a turquoise sea and there too you will find magnificent white sand beaches. It is also a first category marine park which will allow you to come into contact with all the beautiful diversity of the marine fauna of Mozambique .

Maputo is located in the bay of the same name. It is the economic, cultural and historical capital of the country and one of the largest metropolises in Africa. Nicknamed “the city of acacias”, Maputo is a vibrant city, known for its colonial architecture, the diversity of its neighborhoods including the very lively Baixa, in the lower town. Must see: Alvaro de Castro Museum, one of the oldest and most interesting in the city. For walkers, there are the Gorongosa and Limpopo animal parks that are worth a look.


Beira is a port city where culture is very present and which offers a wide range of relaxing activities, the most accessible being to walk on its port. The beaches of Beira are also a great reason to visit the city, if you have the opportunity, take a horseback ride there. For fishing enthusiasts, this is a perfect place to indulge your passion, the same for diving fans. Visit the city, its charming alleys, its traditional markets, its small artisan shops, you will not regret it.

Gorongosa National Park

Unmissable ecotourism attraction, Gorongosa National Park northwest of Beira will allow you to meet the animal heritage of the country. Lions, elephants, buffalos and other rhinos are on the program, prepare your cameras and keep your eyes wide open.

Chimanimani mountains

It is on the border of Zimbabwe that we find the mountains of Chimanimani. You can admire the beauty of Mount Binga which is the highest peak in the country with more than 2,400 meters. These mountains are home to an incredible wealth of biodiversity in the country, such as coniferous forests or the afro-alpine meadows found on the heights. Go there with a guide who can show you the many endemic plants and species that you might miss without him. Birds are numerous in this area, such as the mountain cuckoo.

Taste the cuisine of Mozambique

As always when you visit a country for the first time, it is very interesting to discover it by the plate. Among the traditional dishes of the country, we find Matapa, a typical dish prepared with the leaves of the cassava plant and sometimes with other green leaves. There is also xima, a dish made from corn flour that is otherwise consumed in many other African countries. The most daring will dare the grilled mice that can be tasted in the province of Zambezia.