Oceania Cruises is back to sea after 524 days of inactivity

Oceania Cruises, the world leader in food and destination cruises, welcomed guests for the first time in 524 days.

Oceania Cruises

Marina is the first of Oceania Cruises’ ships to return to sea and is also the very first cruise ship to leave the port of Copenhagen since 2019.

“Today is one of those days we will remember all of our lives as we reunite with our families on board and our guests to start exploring the world again,” said Bob Binder, President and CEO from Oceania Cruises.

All Oceania Cruises trips operate under a new protocol requiring all passengers and crew to be fully immunized, creating a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all, the company said in a statement.

Oceania Cruises

The cruise line is making a gradual comeback following a science-based approach aimed at protecting all guests, crew and communities visited during stopovers.

The “SailSAFE” health and safety program offers multiple layers of protection against COVID-19 and was developed with the guidance of a team of public health experts as well as scientists, including the SailSAFE Global Health and Wellness Council and the Healthy Sail Panel.

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