Turkey plans tough measures: tourism goes to closure

Turkey plans tough measures: tourism moves towards closure

Turkey plans to introduce tough new measures to combat coronavirus by mid-September as daily infections hit a three-week high. Tourism in the republic is reluctant, but steadily, towards closure: hotel personnel have already begun to be fired en masse, and by the end of September, due to the wave of covid and the lack of tourists, most hotels will be closed altogether. However, the authorities are counting on using the forced separation of people on the basis of vaccination to maximize the season and hold out at least on the Russian and Ukrainian tourist flows.

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In an effort to reduce the number of diseases, Turkish officials have come up with separate sections for unvaccinated people in government offices and enclosed spaces such as restaurants, cafes and libraries, as the need to visit indoor spaces will increase by the winter months, the Hürriyet newspaper reported on Thursday. Expanding the coverage of areas requiring PCR testing for those who have not been vaccinated, including shopping malls, is also being discussed. In addition, the local residents will no longer take tests free of charge.

President of the Association of Professional Managers of Bodrum Serdar Karcoglu said that the main problem of Turkey’s tourism is the shortage of European tourists and the inclusion of the republic by key countries on the “red” list. “Because of this, hotels have already begun to lay off workers, we are losing trained personnel,” the expert noted.

As noted by Kaan Karayal, managing partner of the Tatilsepeti.com platform, the expected tourism goals for this year have not been achieved. “It was not worth focusing on the markets of Great Britain, Germany and France. For those who turned to the domestic and Russian markets, the season was better. At least they were able to earn enough money to survive, ”said the specialist. By the way, Turkish hotels have decided not to pay off their debts on loans .

“At the end of September, everything will stop in the tourism sector. There will be no other races, except for Ukrainians and Russians. Local tourists are no longer going on vacation due to the opening of schools, “said Erkan Ustaoglu, President of the Turkish Small Hotels Association.

Meanwhile, the number of daily COVID-19 cases in Turkey rose to 23,946 on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health said. … The number of new deaths was 290, the highest since the beginning of May.

As a reminder, the number of cases exceeded 20,000 daily at the end of July, peaking since April, after the government lifted lockdown and travel restrictions earlier this month. In early July, the number of new infections was less than 5,000 per day.

According to the Ministry of Health, about 37.43 million adults in the country were vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. With a population of about 85 million in Turkey, this means that the vaccinated population is about 44%, while in the EU countries the rate of full vaccination among all age groups is 58%, according to ourworldindata.org. Among adults, this indicator reached an average of 70%.