Vaccinated tourists no longer need to show PCR test results to enter Goa

The Bombay Supreme Court has allowed fully vaccinated travelers to enter Goa without PCR testing. The corresponding request to the judiciary was previously made by the government of Goa.

The Supreme Court made a similar decision back in mid-July, but then it did not concern tourists . That is, for those who came to Goa for non-tourist purposes, certificates were made optional, but tourists still had to present the results of PCR, even if they had previously received both doses of the vaccine.

At the same time, children over two years of age, for whom vaccination is not provided, and babies with symptoms of colds under the age of two must have negative PCR.

Finally, one more piece of news: the Goa government extended the COVID-19 Curfew for another week, that is, until September 26.