Where to travel according to your astrological sign

Stuck for inspiration or not yet sure of your next travel destination ? How about trusting your astrological sign ? After all, the stars do influence our mood, so why not our travels !

Here’s where your Zodiac sign could just take you .


Nicaragua or Nepal

Known for being serious and disciplined, Capricorns know (and should) have fun too! And what could be better than having fun while being useful?

To honor their integrity, Capricorns could opt for volunteering trips while giving themselves a little moment of relaxation, for example by leaving for Nicaragua or Nepal .


Gamla Stan in Stockholm

The eccentric dreamer’s soul of Aquarius appreciates journeys that will make him feel alive and make him see the stars.

With a fascination for innovation and originality, he might be wowed by the cities and landscapes of Scandinavia – Stockholm in Sweden or Copenhagen in Denmark .

His desire for freedom and lightness could just as easily lead him further south, like towards Madrid , to party ..


Corcica place to stay

Unique, dreamy, intuitive … Pisces seek destinations that rhyme with escape and paradise on earth!

As they want to be able to “take it easy”, let themselves be carried away by the current while being entertained and surprised (they get bored quickly), they could consider a stay in Corsica or even in Croatia .


Petra, Jordan.

Go-getter and conqueror, Aries is always looking for a new and better adventure to tell.

He could fly to Tokyo, simply to experience the shock of cultures, or even explore Egypt on the back of a camel . The whole thing, while making a detour, if it is not too dangerous, in Jordan to admire Petra “the red one” .


Santiago de Compostela

Sensual and warm, the Taurus loves destinations that rhyme with authenticity, charm and beautiful encounters.

We can imagine him doing the harvest in the south of France and in Italy or taking the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle to Galicia in Spain.



In constant search of inspiration and new horizons, Geminis are looking for a journey that will also enrich them.

You could consider taking a trip to India , Tibet or Myanmar , perfect destinations to immerse yourself in different cultures and be delighted at every turn!


NhaTrang, Vietnam.

With family or friends, Cancer seeks a change of scenery as much as dreams and relaxation.

From Vietnam via Bali and Bora Bora, treat yourself to a trip that will satisfy your desire to discover distant lands as much as your desire for relaxation and simplicity.


The Lion wants the TOTAL: culture, festivals, gastronomy, landscapes, discoveries… All with a touch of refinement and character.

If the so-called must-see destinations like Paris , Rome or Ibiza appeal to you, others like Marrakech , Brussels and Milan could leave you with even more lasting memories.


Krakow, Poland

In search of places that are not too busy and unpretentious, but still rich in culture, history and charm, the Virgin is led to think slightly off the beaten track .

You could fly as much to Sicily as Cambodia or a country in Eastern Europe, like Poland.


San Miguel de Allende

Libra’s desires can vary depending on their mood, but there are some things that will almost always appeal to them: culture, the arts, and beauty in general.

You will thus appreciate the destinations with a rich and varied cultural life, a distinct architecture as well as a good atmosphere. You might consider Edinburgh in Scotland or even central Mexico , as well as cities like Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.


Los Glaciares National Park

Recognized for your strong character, the trip must be up to the ambitions and intensity of Scorpio .

Let your instincts and passions guide you and discover landscapes as breathtaking as they are extreme! Whether in Patagonia , on the side of Tierra del Fuego between Chile and Argentina, or even by exploring the sumptuous settings of New Zealand .


Lombard Street, San Francisco.

Open-minded and attracted by exoticism, distant lands, warmth (including human) and adventure, Sagittarius is a being who also likes to surround himself with people from various backgrounds.

Why not opt ​​for a trip to Australia or go to California and hit the streets of San Francisco ? A cool and vibrant city , just like you.